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Still on track with the basement

Last night I came home from work and let the dog out and played around with her in the backyard for a bit. I then when down stairs and setup stuff to get going on the bathroom. I was able to finish priming the bathroom and cleaned everything up. I setup and get everything ready in the office so I could paint the ceiling with a final coat after dinner. Jen got home at about 7:40 from work and we ate dinner. Cleaned up after dinner and went back down to get the ceiling painted. I had put a fan on in the office in hopes of drying the primer on the ceiling fast. I started on the ceiling in the office and that turned out great. I looked in the bathroom and the ceiling was dry so I moved in there and finished up the ceiling in the bathroom. Lucky, I had just about a 1/4 inch of paint left in the gallon bucket of ceiling paint. I plan to go and get paint today after work. This morning I went down to see how the ceiling turned out. I am happy with the end product. I put the can lights together in the office and turned them on and it looks great. I put the ceiling light/fan together in the bathroom and it works great. After I paint the walls in the bathroom I have one other light fixture to put up.

Tonight after work I have to go pick up some mail and then i am off to get 3 gallons of ceiling paint and one more gallon of paint to finish up the utility room and a few color samples so we can decide on what color we are going to put up on all of the walls for the rest of the basement.

I do not plan to do anything on the basement tonight. I want to try to trim and mow the lawn tonight and that will proably be it. My back is hurting a bit from painting last night and I have a few shows on the replaytv I want to catch up on.

All for now.

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