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Not a good night

Last night I did nothing on my list for the basement. I worked on the leak in the attic and played around with the new rc heli and relaxed. I have to get back at it tonight. I am behind but I should be able to get caught up pretty easy.

The spot on the bedroom ceiling we noticed ended up being a pretty bad leak. It will take a bit to clean up, but the leak has been fixed. It was a bad joint on a pvc pipe that vents that area of the house. Mostly just the new bathroom downstairs, utility sink in the utility room and guest bathroom. For some reason the connection was never glued correctly or never glued. I moved all of the insulation away from the area to discover a large wet area. Will have to let that area dry for a few days and then kill any mold that is left behind. I have fixed the joint. Just needed to dry it off, clean it up and then use some pvc joint sealer. Seems to be fixed. I will climb back up in the attic in a few days to make sure it is dry and then spray with bleach to kill any mold. I should be able to prime the spot in the bedroom and then touch up with the ceiling paint and that should be all better. Just waiting for it to dry right now.

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