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A little bit behind my schedule for the basment

I took 3 days off at the end of the week this week. Off of working on the basement every night that is. Well saturday I ended up working on stuff outside and a few other thing so I did not get to what I wanted to work on either.

Today I finally got back to the basement and got partially caught up. I cleaned up the utility room part of the way and move everything out of the main room so I could start cleaning it up and get it ready for primer. I sanded all the corners and everything looked pretty good. I got all of my paint tools together and finished priming the ceiling. I decided I would go ahead and use up the rest of the primer. I started on the two smaller walls. I the kept on going and primed the center beam and pillar. Still had plenty of paint so I started on one of the large walls and finished it so I went ahead and painted the last wall. Still had some left so finished up all of the corners and any touch up. Still have a little primer left in the bucket. I thought for sure I would need to go pick up at least one more gallon of primer to finish the basement. Well luckily that is the last of the walls that will need priming. That stuff is so strong.

Tomorrow I hope to get all of the tools together so I can spray the ceiling. I have taped off one of the doors and two of the windows. I want to tape and put plastic up over the last two doorways and I will be ready to spray the ceiling. Hopefully I can get all of it sprayed and get most of the overspray off the walls and what not. If that all goes smoothly I plan to paint the ceiling on tuesday or wednesday. I have a few areas I need to work with on the walls and main beam and then I will be ready to paint the walls also. Hopefully by next weekend I will have at least part of the walls painted. By the end of the weekend I would like to have the ceiling and walls painted. It will be nice to look at a painted room. I need to start thinking about what trim I want to use and get measurements so I can start putting some numbers together to figure out how much it will cost for all of the baseboard trim and what not. I can start working on getting the bathroom ready for flooring also.

Sometime I need to start putting things into the utility room so the carpet can be put down in all rooms at the same time. I would think that the installed would be able to capet the office, main room, bottom of the stairs and stairway all at the same time. I think that another person would be doing the bathroom floor. I figure I can and should start putting up trim around the windows and doors soon. I need to talk to the installer also and see if he wants the baseboard down before the carpet or after.

So it is coming together nicely. I will get some pictures up soon.

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