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Main room is ready to spray texture on the ceiling

Last night during comercials I went down to get the room ready to spray. I have plastic over the two windows in the room. I put plastic over the french doors and the door going to the bathroom. I also taped up plastic over the door way to the office and over the vent hole I cut in the wall into the utility room. This should make cleanup go a bit faster when I spray. I will still have some major cleanup to do in this room but hopefully with those up and I also plan to put some paper around the whole room right at the top of the wall so I do not have to mess with the top few inches either. I will still need to scrape the walls down and sand any high spots along with any touch up I need to do on the walls. I will also need to scrape the floors and vacuum everything up after it is all done. I plan to take a hose and water down the floors and scrub them before the carpet is down. I want to clean them up as much as possible and then use the shop vac to vacuum up any debri left over.

Needless to say I will be busy tonight getting the ceiling looking good and then cleaning up after I have sprayed. Cleaning the room up and also myself. I am normally pretty covered at the end of this also.

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