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Getting ready for the winter

Saturday I was outside getting things in the yard ready for the winter. I hooked up the air compressor to the sprinkler system and blew out all 9 zones. The sprinkler system is turned off for the season and ready for the winter. I drained the pipe all the way back to the release valve in the house. I also got the snow thrower out and started it up for the first time this season. Ran it for a few minutes and then let it cool down. A little later I started it again just to make sure everything is ready on it. Started up on the first pull. Put it back into it’s storage spot and it is ready. I need to move a few things around in the garage so it can be put back next to the jeep for the winter season. I want to find a place for the new yard card and also the lawn mower for the winter months. Thinking after I winterize the lawn mower for the season I will try to put it up on the shelving unit I built. I will also find a place to hang the yard cart. I am hoping I can hang it over the corner of the garage that we keep all of the lawn tools. When that has been hung I can pull the snow blower out for the season. I need to drain the two hoses and bring those in for the season soon.

It is nice that there is no more lawn work. It makes it very easy to work on the basement more. I still need to mow the yard about once a week but that will slow down very soon.

By the end of November I hope to be using the basement. I hope that area will be nice and cozy when it is all done. I insulated all of the walls and put 3 vents in that area but I am not sure that will be enough. I have access to one wall so I can put another vent in the bathroom if I need to. I can also put another vent or two in the main room if I needed to. My big concern now is to make sure the return air vent will be enough. I have one vent cut and ready to use but I need to decide how I want to hook it into the return ductwork. Or do I not want to hook it into the ductwork? just let it vent into the utility room.

That area will be very cozy once we put the gas burning cast iron stove down there. I hope I have covered all items that need to be thought of. I would hate for them to come out and tell me that it can’t go where I want it to go. That would suck and make me a bit mad for sure.

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