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Still plugging away at the basement

After not working on the basement, or anything for that matter, on tuesday. I think I made up for it last night. I came home and had some dinner and messed around with taylor in the backyard for a bit. Spent about 5 to 10 minutes trying to hover with the blade cp in the garage and then changed and went out to mow. That took until dusk which is about 7pm now. After that I grabed some water to drink and headed down to the basement. I had planned on sanding and cleaning up a bit. Well after I got into it I just kept going and ended up getting all of the walls and beams ready for touchup. I pretty much went over every inch of the walls and beams with a sanding block.

Tonight I hope to paint the ceiling. After that is finished I will go around with a utility light and find all of the areas that need a little touch up with mud or what not and try to get everything touched up. Then on friday night and saturday morning I can make sure to sand anything that needs to be sanded after touching up and then start with the final coat of paint. Depending on how much paint it left I may put a second coat of paint on. It all depends on how the first coat takes and how it looks. The office only needed one coat. I did go back and touch up a few spots and think there is one more I need to touch up. For the most part, since I primed, it only needed one coat. Hopefully I will have enough paint to do the main room and also the garage. I do not know if I will get around to the garage this fall or wait until spring. I also need to paint the front door and also the service door on the garage also. I do not know if I will keep the same color or not. Still deciding.

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