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Ceiling in main room has been finished

Last night I went down to the basement, right after I got home, and started setting stuff up so I could paint the ceiling. Went up and relaxed for a bit and let taylor out, then headed down to get going on the ceiling. Went a bit faster than I thought it would. I had 2 cans of paint on the ceiling in no time. I ended up with a full gallon and a half of paint left over. Guess I over estimated. Good thing I have extra, now I can touch up or redo the ceiling in any of the rooms if I need to. I will take a marker down tonight so I can start to label the cans of paint so I know what paint was use where.

This morning I went down just before taking off for work and put up the lights. All 8 are installed and are working. I have 2 that I want to adjust a bit but they are working and look great. I plan to touch up the walls tonight and if that all goes good and drys fast I may be able to start paint some of the walls. By the end of the weekend I plan to have the walls painted in the main room and have all large items put in the utility room and the sink and counter put into the bathroom.

I have a friend coming up so I plan to take advantage of him being there so I can move all the big items like the table saw and futons and stuff into the utility room. It will be packed in there for a bit but I need to do that so I can be ready for the carpet. I will probably in the next few weeks go pick up all the trim I need for around the doors and windows and the baseboard also. That will be a bit of an expense but at least it will make the room look alot nicer.

Getting close. I can’t wait to get the paint on the walls. The room will look much better at that point.

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