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New pictures up of the basement and walls are painted

Well friday night I was able to get most of the areas all touched up and ready for paint. Saturday morning I sanded any areas that were touched up just to make sure everything was nice and smooth. I then setup everything to get painting. I still have about a gallon of paint left in the first 5 gallon bucket of paint. I finished painting the whole main room about noon. Cleaned everything up and headed up to take a shower. That main room looks really nice now. I am letting dry and cure a few more days before I start putting all of the outlet covers on and speaker jacks and what not. I did notice a few spots I should touch up a bit with some mud and then paint again really quick. I saw a few corners that need to be touched up also. Over all thought it looks pretty good. Here are the updated pictures.

Started taking measurements and figured I will need about 1200 feet of base molding and 1000 feet of trim for the doors and windows. If I get the contractor packs of trim and base molding it will run me about 150 or so to get everything trimmed out in the main room, office, bathroom, bottom of stairs and around the door in the utliliy room.

This week I plan to get the door all setup and ready for trim. I will get the windows all trimmed out and looking good and probably work on getting the cabinet and sink in place and finished. I did push it into place yesterday after I cut a little out of the back of the cabinet since it would hit some of the waste pipe if I did not. Looks pretty good. I have the light fixture out and ready to install also. Due to a 2×4 on a load bearing wall I had to put the fixture just off center. Hopefully it is not to noticable.

It is time to get plans together and estimates for carpet now. Will start getting a plan together for the gas burning stove also.

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