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Not much to report on

Last night I went down and worked on outlets and the bathroom light for about 30 to 45 minutes. Have a few outlets all hooked up and looking good. Have a few more to finish up. I started on the bathroom light. Tonight I should have that all set and ready to use. It is notiably off center. A little dissappointed about that. I guess I should have tried a bit more to see if I could make it centered. Don’t really know if I can or could have done anything though. There is a load bearing wall that is it on and a stud right where it needed to go. On the other side of the stud there is a vent pipe going up the wall. I really could not restructure that much at all. The light only needed to be moved over like 2 inches probably. Oh well. Will get that going tonight and hopefully finish up on a few more outlets. I have a few outlets I will need to work on a bit with some more mud and then paint around again. Just to make them nice and smooth around the cover plate. I will then move on to hooking up all of the speaker jacks and network jacks. That will take a few more nights. Then I can clean up all of the cables and patch panels in the utility room. I will plan on just plugging away at everything I can right now. Then at the beginning of next month I will go spend the 200 bucks or so on trim and baseboard and get everything trimmed out and ready for carpet. At that point I will just have the bathroom to finish up (closet/cabinet in back corner, toilet and put up towel bar and what not). I think I will start making the projector screen and get that all ready for when I buy the new projector.

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