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Basement is shaping up

Last night I was able to finish getting the light fixture in the bathroom all hooked up and working. It is about 2 to 3 inches off center. It is going to bug me. I am going to have to see if there is anything I can do to make this look better.

I also started getting all of the data and spearker jacks setup and finalized. I finished all of the data jacks in the main room. I replaced an electrical receptical that I painted right over by accident. I also swapped out another electrical receptical that was the wrong type. I had bought a special rectangle outlet to go with all of the audio cables where the stereo will be. I had put a standard receptical there. I was able to get one whole 4 outlet panel all set and closed up. If time permits tonight I will try to do the other panel. It has all speaker wire/connections in it. A total of 8 if I am counting correctly. I still have a few other outlets and jacks to finish up in the back of the room also and then the main room will be finished as far as wall plates and what not are concerned.

I will be going to a home store at lunch today to get that few parts I need to finish the plates in the main room with. One subwoofer jack is sticking out a bit so I am thinking about replaceing that box with another one that sits a little farther into the wall. Hopefully I can find one today. I also need to look for a little longer finish screws for the speaker terminal in the center of the room. The screws I have do not quite make it to the box I have on that post in the middle of the room. I do not know what I will be doing with that one. I may have to take that box out all together if I can get it out that is or just put an extention box in there so I can screw the face plate in and be done with that.

I also want to pick up a roll of insullation so I can go back up in the attic and finish up with the little water spot I found a few weeks ago. Hopefully it is all dry and looking good so I can put a fewll peices down against the ceiling and then fluff all of the blown in insullation back up.

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