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Everything is finalized with the car and it was sitting in the garage last night

It was kind of a late night last night.  Jen and I both took off right a 5 and met at the dealership.  We walked into the business managers office and started signing.  Jen signed her old car over and then we moved right on to the papers for the volvo.  Took about 10 minutes and then we walked back to the salesmans office and he went through the manuals and walked us to the car.  Went over the car a bit and the menus on the cars computer and then we were off (about 6:10).  Headed home, actually beat jenny home and I don’t know how I managed that.  Relaxed for a few while talyor ate and played in the backyard and then took off to get some dinner.  We did a few other things like driving around and taking a few things to jenny’s office and driving around a bit more and stopped a good friends house to show the car off and driving a little more.  Man that car is fun to drive.  Didn’t get home until about 9:30.  Everything was great with the car, the only thing we thought was a bit odd and kind of funny at the same time was the windshield wiper fluid was low.  The car was telling us to add fluid so I did that before she took of this morning.  Hopefully it was just low and not a hole or leak in the container.

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