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Long weekend and a very nice drive through chicago with the new car

Jen and I are back from a long weekend in IL.  Went to a very nice weding on saturday.  Then woke up on sunday to head to my brothers to hang out there and see the family for the afternoon.  Traffic was not to bad going through chicago.  There was one toll booth that held us up for about 30 to 45 minutes. After that booth we flew through chicago.  The new volvo can get up and go if you want it to.  Made it home about 10:30 and found that cable was out for some reason.  It went out just about the time we got home.  Problem was resolved when we got up in the morning on monday but that did not fix the problem of missing Greys anatomy.  So I got on my favorite webisite ( and requested the missed show.  As of about 9am tuesday we had downloaded the show and we were able to watch it last night.  So nice to be able to do that with the replaytv.  So the new car is great.  Salesman called monday to see if everything was good with it.  Everything is great with it.  We are having problems with my jeep though.  Took it to the shop today.  The abs light came on monday night and has not gone out.  Normally it goes out after a few engine starts.  This time it did not.  Hopefully the damage will not be to bad.  Will have them look at a few other problems to see how much they are to fix also.  The abs system is the only thing I really want fixed no matter what.  So I will play the waiting game today to see what the damage will be.

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