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Jeep still in shop but s40 handles nice in snow

The jeep is still in the shop.  They were not able to figure out what is causing the abs light to stay on.  Sensors seemed to be ok.  Hopefully they will figure out the problem today and have it back to us tonight.  I dropped jen off at work today and then jetted over to work myself.  Traffic was very slow moving today.  No accidents that I saw but I heard they were all over from radio reports.  No salt on the roads yet so many of the side roads and most of the highway was ice this morning.  The s40 was a button we can push (w) that makes the car start out in 2nd gear.  Did not spin the wheels at all.  I will have to try starting out normal and see how slippery it gets with awd.  Did test the anti-lock brakes and they work no problem.  Should be a very nice car for winter driving.

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