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After having the jeep in the shop for most of last week, it is back in the garage now

I always thought electrical problem would cost a bunch to get fixed.  Well the jeep is at the point that I will probably start seeing more and more electrical problems.  After almost 500 bucks in parts and labor, the abs light is not staying on.  A controller card went bad and also the abs motor fried I guess.  A new abs motor was going to run 750, so we went with a used one.  For 130 I can put a few used ones in and still be ahead.  So we are a 2 car family again and all is well.  Hopefully it will be another year before I have to take the jeep back into the shop.  It is still cheaper to fix the jeep up than to get a new car at this point.  Hopefully that does not change for another year to 2 years.

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