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Weather forcast for this week

Yesterday jen and I worked on putting some outside decorations up for christmas since it was very warm out and no rain.  It is a good thing we were able to do it at that time too.  Looked at the forcast for this week and it looks to start with rain tonight and then snow almost everyday the rest of the week. 
We had to replace about 10 lights so far this year.  I guess I moved the christmas lights around a bit to much this year.  I had them in the utility room and moved them a few times while i was painting.  Only broke 3 bulbs but there were a few others that had burnt out.  I will have to figure out a good place to hang them for storage this year.  I will try to fix the remaining lights we did not put outside this year and then build somthing to store them in the corner of the basement.
I have plenty of salt and the snow blower is out and ready to go.  I hope we do not get a large amount of snow like we did last year, but i am ready this year.  It was very nice to come home thanksgiving night to a clear driveway.  My neighbor had blown all of the snow off my driveway for me.  It would have been fun doing that, that evening.  Had the jeep so I could have gotten in and unpacked but it was just nice to have it clear already.  I still have to figure out a way to pay him back some how.

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