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Finished a few things on the bathroom in the basement today

I started working on getting all of the plumbing in the bathroom finished up. I thought I had everything I needed to finish up the sink install. I ended up needing to get a short extention for the drain. At the same time I picked up all the install tools I believe I will need, the tiles I need and the thin-set and grout I need to finish the bathroom floor. Didn’t cost as much as I thought it would but still a bit of money. I now have the tools I need to tile though. Now that the sink has been finished and is in place. I can finish up the baseboard trim tomorrow and then start the layout of the tiles. If I have enough time I may even mix up some thin-set and start to tile. I believe I can lay all the tile in the bathroom exept two or three pieces that I will have to take to home depot to get cut. I do not have the tools to cut around a corner. I have tools to cut around the toilet flange and straight cuts. I also need to pick up a peice that goes across the door as a transition to the carpet. In the next few weeks I will need to pick up a toilet also. I have a finalized quote for the carpet and pading also. I will call next week or the following week to order the carpet and let the installer know it is on order. I hope in the next few weeks I will be able to finish all the small details and get another coat of paint on everything. I am glad I have running water in that bathroom now. I laid a few tiles in the bathroom tonight and they actually look pretty good. We went with a darker grey grout. It will be my first tiling job but I hope with the correct tools it will look very good.

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