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A very long day

I was able to get all of the trim all set and ready for the final coat of paint. I have touched up all of the fine gaps and everything so it looks much better than when I first put the baseboard trim down. The bathroom will be ready for tile on the floor after I paint the trim. I plan to paint the trim this week and then put a final coat of paint on the walls also. If all goes as planned I will be all finished on the trim and walls by the end of the week and will have the tiles laid out and maybe even started.

After the tile is down I can’t think of anything else I need to work on to get ready for the carpet installation. I will call and order the carpet next week. I have to pick one more item up for the tile in the bathroom and I think that might be it as far as things I need for the basement.

The end is getting closer every day.

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