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Monday morning

Well I am a bit sore for working on the trim yesterday. Hopefully by this evening the soreness will be mostly gone because I would like to get back at it and get all of the trim painted in the basement. It will be a long evening but I think I can do it in about 2 hours. Once the trim looks good I will plan on taping it all off and then I will paint the walls the second and final coat. I want to take a light and go over all of the walls and make sure I have touched up everything I think needed before I put the last coat up. I started to mount the projector screen last night and jenny stopped me when I was almost ready to put it up. She brought up the fact that I was going to paint the walls again. I would have to take it back down so I decided I would leave it down for now. What would I do with out her?

The sink in the bathroom looks very nice. Caulk is drying nicely and you can’t even see it once it turns clear. I need to take measurements so I can go pick out a mirror for over the sink (I totally forgot about that item). I was busy laying out the tile last night and trying to figure out the layout I want. The tiles ended up being great. Each tile with a 1/4 inch grout space on either side works out to be 1 foot, this will make it nice and easy to lay out a chalk grid on the floor before I lay the tiles out. I hope I can keep this pace up so I can finish most of the details up this week and next. After that it is just waiting for the carpet. I will probably end up cleaning the floor and making sure everything is ready for the carpet. I may even start to hang stuff on the walls so the day the carpet is installed we can move furniture into the room and start to enjoy using it. I will probably have to wait to order the projector one more month since the carpet will be a big expense right now. Just trying to make things managable and not take on any more expenses than needed. With a 400 dollar rebate I may have to over do it just this one time though.

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