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Have not accomplished as much as I wanted to this week

I did not get as far as I had wanted to this week.  I have gotten part of what I wanted to do finished though.  Earlier this week I finished paint all of the trim and the door in the bathroom.  The door is hung and bathroom is ready for tile.

I have also finished all of the trim in the office.  I have finished all of the trim in the main room and have one side of the doors painted.  I still have the trim in the hallway to finish and the other side of the doors to do.  I hope to get that tonight so I can hang the doors tomorrow and be finished will the white paint.  I want to paint the hand railing quick before I put the paint away.

After all of the trim painting is finished tonight, I plan to pull out the big roller and wall paint and get going on painting the walls again.  I have a bit more touch up to do on a few areas before I can finish the wall paint but I hope to have that complete by the end of the weekend.

I have all measurements made on the tiling layout.  I would like to have all the chalk lines down in the bathroom and be ready to start laying tile early next week.

I still need to find a mirror for the bathroom and that I believe is in on the rest of things I need to do before the basement is ready for carpet.  I will start to clean things up and get all of the tools out of the areas that are going to be carpeted.  I hope the carpet can be installed in the next few weeks.

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