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Jeep is really starting to show it’s age now

A few things have been going out on the jeep lately.  Many of them things that really don’t need to be fixed, but it would be nice to have everything working.  Things like the abs system get fixed quick.  Things like a light in the dash or ruber stoppers for the rear door don’t get fixed fast or at all.  The last thing to act up was the passanger side front door speaker.  It started to rattle last week.  I finally ordered some cheap replacement speakers from crutchfield late last week.  They came last night and went in in no time.  I was really suprised how easy they went with with the extra parts crutchfield inclued with my order.  They even had a doc that shows me how to remove every panel in my jeep for the front and rear speakers, the tweaters in the dash and the head unit.  Very nice to have that info.  The door pane came off no problem after I knew what to do and expect.

Now to replace a few more things that are bugging me.  No major problems just small stuff.  I wonder how much longer I can make the jeep last.  It has been running great for about 3 years, no problems at all.

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