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Mythtv is working great

I was able to watch Sundays episode of 24 last night. No problems at all and it was a great picture. I then watched last nights episode of 24. That was not as good. Only becuase commericals were not flagged so I had to skip through them on my own. Commercials flagging in myth takes a bit of time but man, it just works. It sucks using a wireless keyboard to control myth right now but I hope to have at least the mce remote working by this weekend. Well that is if they ship it in time. Ordered it on sunday through amazon, not sure when they will ship becuase it is actually shipping from pc universe. Amazon has great prices but they are not the fastest shipping stuff. I ordered the harmony 880 from amazon also. That is coming from amazon, they show it not shipping until the 19th for some reason. Oh well. I should get the two items I ordered from mwave tomorrow. I ordered 1gig of memory for the slave backend I hope to put in the bedroom and the 7100 nvidia I want to try in the main myth box. Those two items should go in very smooth. I will be interested if I will see any difference in playback and cpu usage when I switch from the 6100 with 128 meg onboard 512 shared to the 7100 with 256 meg onboard.

UPDATE: Just after I posted I got an email.  It was from amazon.  The mce remotes shipped monday.  They should be here tomorrow but it looks like they shipped out of IN, they are already on the truck out for delivery today.  I may have two working remotes later tonight if time permits.

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