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How to upgrade a netgear FS728TS

I just got a netgear FS728TS from ebay and it had what looked to be the original boot code and firmware on it. You can get firmware from netgears site. The only problem is it mentions something called Smart Wizard. Since my switch was a refurb I did not get the cd that has the Netgear Smart Wizard program on it. Well after googling a bit I found a few sites. One wanted to charge you a few bucks via paypal. I almost did that but then found the file on another site and it was a direct link to the netgear ftp server. That was the winner. I downloaded all of the firmware files short of the beta one. Unzipped and read the files. I installed the windows program from netgear. It found the router and I started the upgrade process. I upgraded one firmware version at a time. After the inital upgrade took it said to upgrade the boot code so I did that before I applied the next two versions of firmware. Not sure if I had to go through the process I did but I did not want to toast this switch. It is upgraded now and working great.

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