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pxe boot with ubuntu and dd-wrt

What I am using in my environment.

Ubuntu Gutsy as atftpd server

DD-WRT on a linksys wrt54g as dhcp server

First go to the services tab. Under “Additional DNSMasq Options” add “dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,m5box,” where m5box is the name of the tftp server and is the ip of the tftpserver

apt-get install atftpd tftp atftp

sed -e '/USE_INETD=/s/true/false/' -i /etc/default/atftpd
/etc/init.d/atftpd restart
mkdir /tftpboot
cd /tftpboot
tar zxf netboot.tar.gz
chown -R nobody: .
You should now be able to pxe boot to ubuntu 7.10 and install a system.

Next task is to pxe/nfs diskless boot a mythfrontend box.

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  1. woodeye18 says

    I would like to hear more about your project with PXE, DDWRT and Myth TV. Do you have more extensive posts or can you contact me so we can discuss it.

  2. james says

    I really don’t have more info at this time. There are many howto’s out on the internet. That is how I wrote this post up and how I figured out how to pxe boot. For the most part I do not remember anything different. I just did what I posted and it all worked. I am not doing anything diskless at this time with mythtv. If you want to do that I have not play much with it but from what I read, mythbuntu is very easy to configure. I guess their gui actually lets you create diskless clients and everything.

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